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When you receive a confirmation of reciept of your order, a deposit of 40% of the total cost must be paid. You will recieve an invoice. If you fail to decline the invoice within 5 days of receipt, you will be barred from cancelling your purchase. The last payment must be made before delivery takes place when your product is ready.

Alternatively, you may pay the full price. You will receive an invoice.

No refunds will be accepted after 7 days of delivery. 

Option 1: EFT

Option 2: Cash Deposit 

Option 3: Cash on Delivery 

Acc Holder: S Mchunu
Acc. No.: 9156435609
Branch Code: 632005

You will receive confirmation of payment via the cellphone number and email you have provided to us. 

Delivery will take place 5 to 10 working days after dispatch of invoice. Delivery will take place at the address you have provided to us. NB: Delivery costs will be charged on the invoice.

Alternatively, you may make arrangements to collect the product from the supplier.

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